rungestrasse 20
berlin, germany, Bundesland Berlin 10179

in our c-base clubroom we have 2 floors and at the crew-decc we have soundsystem, our c_hout. you can listen to it on a icecaststream at

the c-base member can influence this stream by certain methods.
there is a somasuite daemon which schedules the backgroundsounds.

there a some cronjobs which play a sound file at an exact time.

there is a webinterface which let you generate txt2speech directly to the stream. similar to .

there is an ampache setup to play samples directly.

a voip answering machine script which works ontop on yate and blabla.

on next thursday we will have a colloquium at c-base and my part will be to give a short introduction into the soma setup and the possibilities.

and i like too invite you to come to this colloquium personally or via telecommunication. there will attend a special guest who is superbertram.

---->% from
1.Bertram is streaming with both eyes to the internet, constantly.
2.BertramĀ“s eyes are moveable by everyone, using the web interface.
3.Bertram can be phoned.
4.Bertram is constantly posting glimpses to, approx. 600 pictures per day.
5.Bertram distributes his Internet-connection to his local surrounding.%

so come onboard at 6th of december from 9 pm to 11 pm.

also i like to invite you to visit c-base spacestation while chaos congress at the end of the year


p.s.: if you are more intrested into this development subscribe yourself to cbarp -- c-base audio reconstruction project mailinglist at


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