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Byzantine Archaeology: New Approaches, New DiscoveriesMarch 1st 2010, Monday, 4:00pm, Room 9206

John F. Haldon, Professor of Byzantine History, Princeton University, will speak on "Aspects of Byzantine Urbanism after the 6th Century: The Case of Euchaita."
This lecture series aims to introduce some of the most important projects currently underway in Byzantine archaeology, a rapidly developing field of interdisciplinary studies dedicated to the interpretation of the material remains of the former Byzantine or Eastern Roman Empire (c. 330-1453 CE). By combining traditional textual interpretations with archaeological analyses of artifacts, human and organic remains, architecture, and settlements, Byzantine archaeology has ultimately revealed entire landscapes. The speakers are paired with respondents from the CUNY faculty from a variety of disciplines. All events will be moderated by Eric Ivison, Professor of History at the Graduate Center and the College of Staten Island, CUNY.

Official Website: http://centerforthehumanitiesgc.org/events

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