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This BYOD and information security webinar will help you explore the current state of BYOD in the workplace, the need to evaluate the risk to the organization prior to deployment, the critical need for identifying and communicate a strong legal strategy, select the right mobile device management solutions (based on risk assessment), ability to develop and implement strong BYOD policies, is BYOD right for your organization, and how the “Cloud” impacts information security with BYOD.

Why Should You Attend:
A survey of 650 information and security professionals about how the "bring your own device" (BYOD) trend is impacting their organizations finds one-quarter of them forbid use of personally owned devices such as smartphones and tablets on the network. However, the majority that does often lack meaningful policies or security controls related to these devices. BYOD continues to impact the way organizations are able to protect their IT infrastructure. The "SANS Survey on Mobility/BYOD Security Policies and Practices" found about one-third acknowledging they lack meaningful BYOD security policies. When asked what kind of products or services they're utilizing for mobile devices, roughly half indicated a mix of data protection via encryption, secure access to corporate resources, and while less than half used anti-malware or data-loss prevention, for example. However, 67% expects to implement cloud-based provisioning in the next 12 months.

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