1015 Half St., SE
Washington, DC, District of Columbia


Bad Boy Bill returns after a 2 year hiatus! Spinning the crowd into a dancing frenzy is Bill's motivation. "My DJ style originated with the idea to remix a song live with two copies of the same record and then combine scratching and hip-hop techniques with house grooves." Bill says. "The payoff for me is seeing people dancing and having a great time during my set.”

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Aphrodite is synonymous with jump-up dnb, and rightfully so -- he's the original don, and probably one of the first names in the genre you got a chance to hear, dropping classic remixes such as 'Ready or Not' and 'Rock the Funky Beat'. Don't miss his final performance on Nation's sound system!

Bjoo vs Slant

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Nation Nightclub is located at 1015 Half St., SE
Washington, DC

Official Website: http://www.buzzlife.com

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