661 Howard St
San Francisco, California

Join us for our now-monthly BOL meetup. CNET's buying the first 20 beers,* and the first five BOL listeners to arrive will get classic, kelly-green T-shirts OR a CNET fleece vest. Hope to see you there!

*This is a rough estimate, but it's something like that.

Official Website: http://bol.cnet.com

Added by mollywood on April 29, 2008



Manalive I wish I could be there! I'd have to raid the kids' college fund and fly out to SF for the day. Hmmmmm.....

Have a great time, all! Molly, Tom, and Jason - you are all rock stars in my world : )

All the best from WISCONSIN


Any chance of you guys streaming this meet-up Qik style ? Us east-coasters would love to raise a virtual toast to you all. Shoot for a goal to see how many beers can be raised simultaneously across the world via streams & chat/twitter.

Get a bol-buzz on with a global Buzz-Toast !


Andrew Mager? Can we call on your amazing live streaming abilities to satisfy Frank?


Yes please mager, that would be great.


Will stream :) I wonder if the Bear has wifi?

alex designz

Hey Tom bring one of the studio webcams for mager , it might work better.


Where can I see the stream?