2200 Stemmons Frewway
Dallas, Texas 75207

Feb. 27 & 28. This is a must attend for executives, business professionals and job seekers. If you are in charge of boosting sales or want to start a new business, the Business Solutions EXPO is where you will find the leading experts in reseach and development for marketing and growing your business. This is a crucial time for business and you need to have every snippet of information available to excel through the next few years. This is an exciting opportunity at an unbelievable price!

From word of mouth (referral marketing), to search engine optimization, social media, video/media marketing - we've have the experts to help you deliver a winning strategy for 2009 whether your marketing budget is $5 or $5 million, get the most out of it by attending the Business Solutions EXPO.

Want to start a business or expand your existing one? Learn from entrepreneur experts like Jeff Chavez and Mike Michaelizc on how to grow regardless of the economy with the "11 Killer Instincts of Entrepreneurship", "Survive-olution: How companies thrive through evolution and innovation" and "Start or Grow A Healthy Business in a Recession" .

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