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In short, BoS is a meeting of minds in an incredible, nurturing, sharing environment where amazing people share their thoughts about building better, more sustainable, more profitable software businesses and getting more out of their lives in the process.

In 2011, we don't want to change too much of the stuff that makes the event very special.

* BoS2011 will still have the kind of thought provoking, interesting and relevant keynote speakers that offer you actionable insights into your business.
* BoS2011 will still be a single track event so you don't need to choose between awesome speakers and everyone gets to talk about the same challenges over the breaks.
* BoS2011 will still be an event aimed at software people who want to run better, more profitable businesses and have some fun in the process.
* BoS2011 will still have lots of time for networking, sharing ideas, peer learning and catching up with old friends. We want to make sure that you have time to meet some new ones too.

In 2011,

* We want the workshop sessions to work harder for you. We want to make sure the opportunities for peer learning in the workshops are maximized and we want to find people that can help you work through the issues that matter to you. This year you will be able to participate in workshops led by leaders in their fields with a specific learning outcome in mind.
* We want to make it easier for our attendees to share their problems and ask peers for help. We are introducing 1 minute, 'PS' slots where delegates will have 1 minute slot to share a problem with the audience before a break. We think that someone in the room will have solved your problem before. We know that people want to help you.
* We also want to build our community beyond the event itself, to help start conversations that continue beyond the days of the conference, and beyond those lucky enough to be able to take part.
* Watch the blog over the coming months as we start spreading BoS conversations and please, please get in touch if you want to make suggestions about how we can help you enjoy the BoS experience to the max.
* Our first community event will be built around Peldi's amazing BoS 2010 talk, 'Do worry, be happy'.

We look forward to working with you to make Business of Software 2011 another memorable and valuable event.

Official Website: http://businessofsoftware.org/

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