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SDForum is pleased to announce the "Business Book Breakfast Club", a new quarterly breakfast series in partnership with Happy About ( http://happyabout.info ), and sponsored by Frank, Rimerman + Co., LLP - Certified Public Accountants, one of the largest locally owned accounting and consulting firms in California.

The second book, 'Collaboration 2.0' presented by author David Coleman, will be on Wednesday, April 30, 2008.

Most people today can't do their work without collaborating with one or more people. Collaboration is more than just communication, it involves trust, coordination and context. David Coleman and Stewart Levine in their new book on Collaboration 2.0 take a holistic look at collaboration (people, process and technologies) to show how people can be successful with a wide variety of new technologies available to all of us. This book covers a wide swath of technologies; everything from blogs and wikis to 3D collaborative environments and virtual worlds.

But collaboration is more than just these enabling technologies, it is mostly about people and process, since collaboration is actually a behavior and not a technology. How do you get people to work with you across time and space over the computer? What are some of the best practices for reaching agreement, and what things should you never do in an interaction over the Internet? Attendees to this talk will take away:

* A wide knowledge of which technologies are available for computer-based collaboration, especially how the new Web 2.0 tools apply
* Understand 10 trends that are currently driving collaboration and what their roles might be in these trends
* Why we as humans have a need to be social and collaborate and how that effects how we extend trust virtually
* Understanding many of the critical aspects of human-to-human interpersonal interactions and applying this to why teams fail.
* How to apply these technologies and techniques for the greatest success in the enterprise

Includes Book~ members: $25, Platinum Pass: $10, Non-members: $35.

Official Website: http://www.sdforum.org/books

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