1010 Massachusetts Ave.
Boston, Massachusetts

Many peace organizations are sponsoring the National Mobilization to End the War in Iraq on October 27, 2007. The regional event will be held in Boston, MA beginning at 12PM. Buses will leave from the Long Wharf parking lot in New Haven at 8AM, returning at 8PM. If purchased by 10/17, bus cost is $40 ($30 for students, seniors, or the unemployed). If purchased later, the cost would be $10 more.
To reserve your seats now, go online to http://www.stepfour.com/peacetrain/ or send a check to The Greater New Haven Peace Council, PO Box 3105, New Haven, CT, 06515 with the type and number of tickets required, name and address, telephone number/e-mail address.
For additional information, go to www.oct27.org, e-mail [email protected], [email protected] or phone-(203)288-5543.

Official Website: http://www.oct27.org/

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I got email news of the Oct 27th event with Kucinch speaking this morning, Monday. I would have attended since I live in the Boston area, and would have posted a photo, and offered Kucinich a summary caption statement to make regarding Bringing the Troops Home and Impeachment as the proper current agenda, from what I can tell after looking at his website.

Anyone have photos, hopefully, they will post here!

I blogged regarding my current view of the media's lack of coverage of Peace Action and Politics as DUE.

Non-partisan politics coverage would include Nader and The Green Party as properly offsetting the Two Party Established Stranglehold on public opinion, and allow the public to use democracy to have the various positions and candidates in proper perspective. The media does not have the right to prevent Peace from the limelight as a political valid agenda!


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