8 mile entrance, Nevada Route 34
Gerlach, Nevada 89412

Over 45,000 people travel to a prehistoric lake bed in Nevada for Burning Man, one of the world’s largest and most avant-garde art festivals.

The WDYDWYD? project got started at Burning Man in 2004, and has grown quite a bit. Over 500 burners have been featured answering "Why do you do what you do?" on Polaroid 665 pos/neg film. Now we're expanding the project to other photographers, different styles, more collaborative.

Join a collaborative Flickr-member shoot during the week of Burning Man (Aug 24-31) — sign up at THIS LINK to get more details in mid August (up thru 8/21)

It's a great way to meet new burners, participate in a big collaborative art project... even if you're not a photographer (you can partner with one).

More examples of past images here

1) REGISTER as a "collaborating artist"— any day at 1:00pm — Center Camp — Tuesday thru Friday

Burning Man requires all cameras to be registered, but instead of going thru MediaMecca, we are deputized to give everyone a tag for "officially" using their camera.

2) SHOOT — anytime, anywhere — on your own

Ask people "wdydwyd?" and photograph them with their answer.
Photograph alone or we'll pair you with others (a nice way to meet people).

3) AFTER Burning Man (all optional)

> Upload to wdydwyd Flickr Group
> Possibly be in a wdydwyd book (no specs yet... way in the future)
> Exhibit your images around Center Camp in 2009!

Please add your name/email in THIS SIMPLE FORM. It helps us keep organized and not leave anyone out!

Feel free to recruit others spontaneously & bring them to Center Camp at 1:00pm Tues–Fri.

Join the wdydwyd Flickr group

Official Website: http://www.burningman.com

Added by deifell on July 1, 2008


its mine

tat nice photo...i've ever seen..=)


I'm interested, but would prefer not to splash this event across all my Upcoming-imported calendars.


jiam, that's cool... if you are interested in submitting art/photos for the exhibit: http://wdydwyd.com/burningman

if you're going to BM, I'll send more info early August to everyone who fills out this short poll: http://www.polldaddy.com/survey.aspx?id=33f4dcac8d7ad898


Tony. count me in. I would love to feature this project in my doc.