8 mile entrance, Nevada Route 34
Gerlach, Nevada 89412

Theme: "Greening The Burn"

Note: If you're planning to come, buy your tickets early, prices go up over time. Also, the deeper connections you form with your camp and campmates, the cheaper/easier/green your participation can be. Do hook up with regional events in your area.


Official Website: http://www.burningman.com/

Added by raines on September 22, 2006



Can't wait... and good theme this year.


Anyone going to the Burning Man 2007 from Cleveland or Akron, Ohio?


one day i will go to this. sounds awesome.
not really got the funds this year - but you never know... Manchester (UK) is quite a loong way from Nevada ;)


where are the public trash receptacles?


back at home where you left them, eagerly awaiting your return (and your trash's return)


And where in Black Rock City can i buy commemorative "greening the burn" t-shirts?


my first time on the playa...I am very excited.


Welcome, Susan! Be ready for a ceremonial spanking from the greeters upon arrival. Are you coming with a Theme Camp? I find it greatly simplifies the logistics of self-sufficiency and enhances my Playa experience.


Be prepared: I just bought a 74 passenger bus for $750 that is going to be my new art car for the people!


Sweet! That's what was really missing in previous years: a big ass fire.


there's no way i'm going to that smelly dusty hippy freak fest!



"When you burn a 40+ foot high pile of dry wood soaked in accelerant, packed with fireworks, in the absence of any water to put it out, in front of 40,000 dehydrated and exhausted freaks who have been living on pbr and a self administered chemical stew for a week and precede it with the 'performance' of 700 self taught hippies and goths whose parents failed to teach them not to play with matches as children, there are bound to be 'challenges'."

- Ranger Longshot

Ms. G

Fetching...I'm not dirty, or smelly or a hippy and I love burning man! Meeting people from all over the WORLD in a spirit of sharing and caring cant possibly be bad!


I'm working on a mutant vehicle for the first time this year.


Hi, I am thinking about coming to Burning Man this year, but I would love to talk to others about their experiences. I would love to make friends with people and then maybe I could join their camp. I live in San Francisco, so if you're nearby feel free to contact me : [email protected].




Hello Burning Man,

Do you have any ticket outlet in Tarragona Spain, I wish you can have me a tips on how to have it while in Tarragona


to buy tickets online to the big event: http://tickets.burningman.com/
to learn more about burners and burner-related events in Europe:

Daniel Riveong

Just bought my tickets. It's official. I'm going. Who else from San Francisco is going?


everyone else who matters. That's why they're closing the Bay Bridge (raising the drawbridge, as it were) that weekend.


Hi! We are offering free wet wipes for Burners heading out this year. No obligation, no spam, no hidden agenda---just good karma. We are even covering up our standard labels with a simple plain generic label so you won't look like you're a shill for us. These towels are WAY better than plain baby wipes. They are bigger and made from essential oils and natural ingredients like Frankincense, Eucalyptus and Tea Tree oils. If you want some or more info, just let us know. We are not asking for anything in return, but if you are compelled to let us know what you think afterwards (or during...), we would appreciate the feedback. Thanks. www.lifeelements.com


Woohoo!! We will be there with our crazy leg wear!!!


One of your friendly Upcoming developers (namely, me) will be at Camp Dance Dance Immolation, at 5:00 and Esplanade. See you all there.


Swing by Dr. Carl's Dept. of Collections, 4:30 and Arctic. woot!


On Twitter? http://www.twitter.com/burners (or just twit "FOLLOW BURNERS") and then any twit you start with "burn" will be shared there.


I dont understand what the high ticket prices are for. i mean on the website and everywhere else it says that you are responsible for everything your self no public showers no nothing.

Meanwhile the tickets are lets say $225 multiply that by 25,000 people and thats $5.6 million what in the hell does burning man need with $5.6 million. We the participants provide everything can someone who may know better please tell me why I should pay $200+ for this.

I feel like im paying for a handful of people to make several hundreds of thousands of dollars if not million



BM is a non profit organization. That means they pay salaries, but cannot "bank" profits.

$225 is completely reasonable, when you consider what you get. I'd pay more to go.
I don't know exactly how every dollar is budgeted, but consider this:

- a daily per person fee to the federal government (BLM) which charges us just to be there.
- Daily cleaning of hundreds of port-o-potties including toildet paper and hand sanitizer
- a relatively small, and deservedly paid year-round, full time staff to manage the unbelievable logistics required to pull off such an event
- lawyers to help defend and protect the organization from everyone ranging from idiots who want to sue over injuries sustained while doing something stupid to land use issues. They also help deal with local, state, and county officials and police departments.
- materials and supplies for massive common structures, miles of fencing, gates, etc.
- a great website
- contribution to selected artists (along with Black Rock Arts Foundation, which backs much of the large works).
- paid security at the gate
- massive construction equipment such as cranes and crane operators to construct large buildings
- any other hired professionals needed to make sure we have a safe burn (i.e.. building inspectors, etc).

I don't know if tickets cover these but you will also find:
- onsite medical staff including at least one ambulance
- onsite fire department
- tens of computers wired to the net
- a large information booth and huge centercamp structure
- year-round storage of large common structures
- fuel, pyrotechnics and fireworks for the man himself -

If you're concerned about affordability, start now to save for next year:
- turn down the AC in the summer and heat in winter ($5/month)
- replace 2 bottles water/week for tap water ($10/month)
- consolidate errands or carpool to reduce your driving by 10 miles per week ($6/month)

That's $252. 225 for a ticket, and contribute the rest to Black Rock Arts Foundation or Burners without Borders

And you know what, if Larry became a millionaire off this event, more power to him. I'm guessing he doesn't make much more money than a Motel 6 franchisee, ok maybe Ramada, and probably makes a whole lot less money each year than many of the participants who dream about BRC all year long from their silicon valley offices at for-profit corporations..

Daniel Riveong

@lala12: Thank you for responding to that.

@open2logic: The BM Staff actually stays for 2-3 months after the event to ensure that Black Rock City is left as pristine as possible & BRC Airport (yes you can fly your chartered cessna plane there).

So add that to Lala12's list and you'll see why +$200 is really an appropriate price.



Each year the org publishes the "Afterburn Report" which helps explain where all that $$ goes. Just Google it and you will see it's actually miraculous that all of this stuff gets done for such little $$. (Remember there is a hospital there, that federal, state and county law enforcement requires the organization to pay them lots of $$, $500,000+ worth of grants to artists to pay for materials for the huge art pieces, etc. etc.). You're not paying any rich executive salaries.

But long story short: If you think it's too much, don't attend. Frankly, I feel like the event's getting too large as it is and I've stopped trying to talk anyone into going. It's not for everyone, please do skip it if you're doubting it.