1111 Memorial Drive NW
Calgary, Alberta

In an effort to help build relationships within the peace movement in Calgary, we are holding regular events to bring different groups and individuals together.

Have you ever had a great idea for a peace action but didn't have the resources to get started?

Or have you found an issue interesting but don't know if there exist groups in the city how are working on it?

Or are you an organizer in the movement and want to build relations
with other groups?

The first hour will be an information session where groups or individuals can give short presentations (2-5 min long, depending on the number of participants) where they can tell people of actions they are planning, update people on the work they are doing and give specific information on an issue. Priority will be given to groups and individuals who rsvp.

The second hour will be moderated discussions on topics involving the peace movement. On June 15, we will discuss how we can build mutual support, communication and capacity within the peace movement.

All supporters of the peace movement are welcome to join us.

This event is being organized by a coalition of concerned Calgarians
that have come together on the beliefs that wars and occupations of
countries are fundamentally wrong and that countries have a right to
self-determination. Areas that we have been particularly involved in
include the situations in Iraq, Afghanistan and Haiti and Canada's new
militarism (including security certificates).

For more information:
Please contact [email protected]

Location Details:
Calgary Area Outdoor Council - on the second floor. Parking is available on the west side of the building and a pass can be obtained inside the building. The parking lot can only be accessed when traveling eastbound on Memorial Drive.

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