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The eCTD has already become mandatory in some countries such as Belgium, and it can only be a matter of time before it is mandatory on a global scale. Attend this practical 2-day course and ensure you are submitting your applications in the correct electronic format and style from the onset.

Official Website: http://www.iir-events.com/IIR-conf/PTI/EventView.aspx?EventID=470

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eCTD is not mandatory in Belgium: the electronic submission is mandatory in Belgium for national procedures or MRP when Belgium in a concerned member state.
However, eCTD is one of the option for submitting a dossier: the other option is an "eCTD like" submission (or what is now called NEES - Non eCTD Electronic Submission). More or less, it's an eCTD submission (but with some discrepancies with the full eCTD), without the XML backbone.

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