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Building the Broadband Economy is an annual meeting place and "idea exchange" for government officials from around the world and their private-sector partners in telecom, IT, consulting, finance and real estate.

All are drawn to the conference by the shared challenge facing communities today: to “adapt or die” in the broadband economy of the 21st Century.

The Broadband Economy

The broadband economy is the new global marketplace emerging from the deployment of broadband between continents and within communities. The broadband economy is accelerating competition among business, individuals and communities by linking distant lands at literally the speed of light. Communities face a choice of increasing their velocity to match the rest of the world or accepting stagnation and decay.

No community - big or small, in a developed or developing nation - is insulated from this challenge. Now in its fourth year, Building the Broadband Economy will open your eyes to the economic and social challenges that the broadband economy is creating for local communities - and to the ways that communities are adapting and learning to prosper from its unprecedented opportunities.

Featured Speakers

Keynote speakers at Building the Broadband Economy 2007 will include:

* Todd Ramsay, General Manager, IBM Global Government Industry
* Jerry MacArthur Hultin, President, Polytechnic University

Who Attends?

Building the Broadband Economy is an international conference attracting attendees from North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. It is a unique opportunity to learn from the world’s best how to adapt, at the community level, to today’s economic realities. The conference attracts:

* Elected and administrative officials from local, county, state/provincial and national government
* Private-sector executives in technology, telecommunications, systems integration, consulting, real estate, municipal finance and professional services
* Nonprofit executives and educators

Intelligent Community Awards

Building the Broadband Economy is also the site of the annual Intelligent Community Awards, which celebrate the communities, developments, technologies and visionaries that are leading the race to adapt and prosper. During the award ceremony, one of ICF's Top Seven Intelligent Communities of 2007 will be named Intelligent Community of the Year.

Official Website: http://www.intelligentcommunity.org/cde.cfm?event=142274

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