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Flash is the magic of the web and many mobile handsets, but it's still not supported on the iPhone. Options for Flash developers looking to develop games or graphic-rich applications for the iPhone are complex and time-consuming. There is a developer-friendly solution, called Ansca Corona.

Join us for another iPhone Network Lounge event and hear Evan Kirchhoff, of Comrade Software, describe how you can use your Flash development skills to build an iPhone app easily with Ansca Corona.

Event agenda:

6.30-7pm: (30mn) Network and refreshments
7-7.30: (30mn) Speaker presentation
7.30-7.45pm: (15mn) open questions
8-8.45pm: (45mn) Network and refreshments

This is a free networking event for all iPhone aficionados, including Flash developers and non-techies. Refreshments will be served and we invite contributions to help provide plenty for everyone.

The event is organized by Bamboudesign and hosted by PariSoMa Coworking Space in San Francisco.


Building iPhone Apps: From Flash Lite to Ansca Corona
Speaker: Evan Kirchhoff
As exciting as the success of the iPhone has been in the world of mobile development, Flash developers have been frustrated by the continued lack of Flash support on the platform.

On the other hand, the native iPhone SDK can be daunting for newcomers and time-consuming for anyone, especially for game development and other graphically-oriented applications that go beyond Apple's UI framework.

Enter Ansca Corona, a rapid development environment based on the Lua scripting language and designed with a Flash-friendly sensibility by ex-Flash engineers. Using two case studies of mobile Flash games ported to iPhone, Evan will demonstrate the steps involved in the porting process, the lessons learned along the way, and discuss the technical and business cases for moving your Flash content to the iPhone immediately.

About the speaker:

Evan Kirchhoff is the cofounder and president of Comrade Software, a San Francisco web and mobile development company, and has been working with Flash since 1999, iPhone since 2008, and Ansca Corona since its early alpha releases. Comrade has deployed mobile Flash games on Verizon Wireless and Softbank Japan, and has produced two iPhone games, with several others in progress. Evan previously worked as a Senior Flash Developer for Adobe Systems. He presented "Developing the Ultimate Flash Cast Channels" at Adobe MAX 2008, and "Blood From a Stone: Flash Game Optimization on Low-End Mobile Devices" for Adobe Developer Week 2008. In an earlier century, Evan acquired a BSc in Physics and most of a PhD in Philosophy before deciding not to be an academic after all.
More at http://www.comradesoftware.com

About the organizer & host:

Bamboudesign is the creator of the iPhone Network Lounge. Bamboudesign is a San Francisco-based company that designs and develops mobile applications and websites, in particular for the iPhone. Using a human-centered design methodology, combined with an expertise in natural (touch) user interface design, the company delivers products that meet usability, effectiveness and aesthetic standards.
More at http://www.bamboudesign.com

PariSoMa is a coworking space in San Francisco that provides desks, wifi and coffee to independents and startups. Our goal is to work as a platform for communities to foster innovation, collaboration and collective intelligence.
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