University of Westminster, 115 New Cavendish Street
London, England W1W6UW

This one-day course will provide a thorough introduction to the business and practice of running a community or social network online.

The tutor is Lizzie Jackson, who created and ran BBC Communities. She is now a Consultant for Online Communities at Children's' BBC. Lizzie will take you through the major issues, challenges and opportunities in managing an online community. Lizzie was voted 'One of the 100 Innovators of the UK Internet Decade' in October 2004 by NOP World and

The course will discuss the following topics:
• What is an online community or network?
• You already have a community!
• What are message boards, live chats and chatrooms and how are they different from each other?
• What's the difference between a social network and an online commercial social environment?
• What might your organisation get out of Community?
• Return visits
• Analysis of your 'people'
• Content! (user-content)
• A more equal relationship
• Ideas and customer feedback
• Development 'Partners' - the community helps shape the organisation?

How to build a Community
• Start simple - Newsletters, Email in and publish html pages, voting , blogs
• Getting a dialogue going and building a relationship - what shall we talk about?
• Message boards , live chat - when to begin to bother with the big stuff/expense
• Responsibilties to your community - moderation and hosting/Internet safety
• Meet the Community Managers

The practical:
After lunch the group will be challenged with a practical exercise bringing together all aspects of creating an online comminity for an existing website. Lizzie will then be joined by an experienced consultant in online community who will critique the plans produced. This is then followed by an interactive session with Lizzie and the consultant where any specific questions you may have about managing an online community can be answered.

Lunch and refreshments are provided with this course.

Please note: Bookings made within three days of this course require credit card payment. Many thanks.

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