Newcastle under Lyme, England ST5 7SP

by Jo Berry and Patrick Magee

Jo Berry's faather, Sir Patrick Berry, was killed in what came to be known as the 'Brigton bombig' in 1984 when the IRA attempted to blow up Margaret Thatcher's cabinet in the Grand Hotel. The bomber, Patrick Magee, was jailed and then released in 1999 under terms of the Good Friday Agreement. Patrick and Jo have been in contact ever since.

Jo says that. "I have learned that rather than just being the enemy, there was a human being we could have communicated with," and that. "I think we have to find ways to communicate with people before they choose violence."

To this end sh has founded a charity, 'Building Bridges for Peace' and she and Patrick give talks around the country and abroad on the principles and practice of peace and reconciliation.

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