44-47 Gardner Street
Brighton & Hove, England

We are at the dawn of a new era, robots and computers are taking over our lives. Embrace your new robot overlords! Choose your robot lover! Let a robot decide your future for you!

Featuring live performance coding music by TOPLAP, The 55th Flotilla with rum and bass, nautical dubstep and live theremin playing, interactive art, real robots, electronics demos, robot dancing and cool talks by Blay Whitby "Do you want a robot lover?" and Seb Lee-Delisle on "Motion controlled gaming".

Robot Takeover is a fundraising event for BuildBrighton which provides space, equipment and a community for anyone interested in having fun with and learning about electronics in the city.

Robot lovers, Flash and Theremins with live performance coding music by TOPLAP - embrace your inner geek.

Added by Emily Toop on October 20, 2009