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Building iPhone apps has become a breeze for developers as much as designers, with the new Ansca Corona SDK! No objective C or complex tools. Instead, use simple code, Flash-like capability, download the app on your device and submit to the App Store.

This 4-hour workshop will teach you how to use the new Ansca Corona software to build iPhone applications. The workshop is open to developers, scripting engineers, and designers. Yes, designers too!
Food and beverages will be served at no additional cost.


Early Bird discount for $99, valid until October 31st only!

What You'll Learn

Learn to build a simple iPhone application and install it on your phone! You'll learn to add an image, text, sound and touch behaviors, using Corona. You will familiarize yourself with Lua, an easy language that resembles Actionscript or Javascript.

About the Workshop

Corona is the recently released product of Ansca (http://www.anscamobile.com), a Palo Alto-based mobile software company. Corona is a powerful collaborative mobile development environment that enables designers, engineers, and non-traditional developers to quickly create and share iPhone applications. This revolutionary tool offers rapid prototyping and iteration, reliable development in a Lua-based language that resembles Javascript and Actionscript, and faster publishing directly to the App Store. With Corona, you'll access the full power of the iPhone's capabilities such as accelerometer, touch, photos, video, and more! Several applications built in Corona are currently available in the App Store.
Download the Ansca Corona SDK for free:


This workshop is presented by Carlos Icaza, co-founder of Ansca, and Marine Leroux, founder of Bamboudesign (http://www.bamboudesign.com), a San Francisco-based mobile software design company. Carlos and Marine will teach you how to use Corona and build an iPhone app in minutes! That's how easy Corona is. You'll be off to build your own iPhone applications quickly and reliably, without ever touching Objective C!


This workshop is sponsored by Bamboudesign (http://www.bamboudesign.com). The company designs and develops branded mobile applications based on high-end user experience design.

Official Website: http://www.bamboudesign.com/events/2009nov14.shtml

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