5135 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15224

The Build Guild is a simple thing. A regular gathering of the web-folk with no commercial purposes. Talk web, design, industry topics, share some ideas, network and make professional connections, maybe pick up a freelance project or gig. Have a pint. Have 3 pints. Meet someone new. Play a game of shufflepuck. Complain about Microsoft.

There are no keynote speeches. No formal agenda. No rules. Just people.

So if you're a designer, developer, strategist, browncoat fanzine site operator, project manager, information architect or even a hobbyist, come on out.

The Build Guild stickers will be in the house!

Added by D. Decker on August 24, 2009


Christa Jones

W00t! Stickers and shufflpuck..a girl could get giddy. I’m prepared to defend my title of “Shufflepuck Pimp”, (just totally made that up)..BRING IT ON!!


Looks interesting, I will have to check my calendar but a web only networking event sounds great.

D. Decker

You're gonna get shufflePUNKed.


There any fees or anything to come to these events? Def interested in coming down and checking one out.

D. Decker

Nope. No fees. Just a bunch of folks meeting at Silky's for food, drinks, and some informal networking.