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Created by two Salem web geeks, Marc Amos and Angelo Simeoni, the Build Guild is a monthly event (Every 2nd Tuesday of the month) where folks in the web industry (designers, coders, project managers, hobbyists, etc.) can get together to talk web, debate industry topics, share ideas, make professional connections, land gigs, and discuss the real reasons why mustaches need to make a comeback.

Follow the Build Guild on twitter, be sure to join the Flickr group, which will have photos once the event has passed, and if you're on Facebook, join the Build Guild Facebook group.

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Added by marcamos on May 18, 2008



I think this is only visible to your friends. that might be intentional, but would explain why some peeps are complaining they can't see this.


@btamilio, yes, it was intentional for a short period of time (we were sorting things out), but now it's open to all. Thank you, sir!


Sounds like a good time.
Are mustaches mandatory for this event?


@pasquini_tom: Ha, no, mustaches aren't required =)

Kirby T

I can't come in July buy I have already marked my calendar for August.


@Kirby T: Rock on!


We've hit our maximum attendee count (35) so we have to close down the guest list. From now until the 8th of July, this page will be checked daily and if a current attendee drops off the list, we'll open the guest list back up. Thanks everybody!


The limit has been upped to 40 and we'll simply hope the venue staff doesn't notice or care.


Ok, we're full again.


I'm making that guestlist bust at the seams


Screw it, if the Beer Works has an issue with all of the people, I'll gladly remind them how much money we're spending on their beer, which costs them very little to brew.