300 Derby Street
Salem, Massachusetts 01970

- Entire second-floor of the restaurant
- Our own dedicated bar & bartender
- Murphy's Yelp page

The Build Guild is a monthly event where folks in the web industry (designers, coders, project managers, hobbyists, etc.) can get together to talk web, debate industry topics, share ideas, make professional connections, land gigs, and discuss the real reasons why mustaches need to make a comeback.

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Official Website: http://salem.buildguild.org/

Added by marcamos on February 2, 2010



If you're into LOST, you should still come to Build Guild instead. Don't worry, you're only going to miss a Kate episode ("6x03: What Kate Does.")


...and the follow up episode, ("6x03b: Stand around, look decent, and screw with men's heads.")


No Refresh Boston conflicts or Eddie Izzard shows are going to stop me from Build Guilding this month!


Will be there.


I won't be able to attend, after all. A friend's memorial screening is that night at MassArt. Will miss all your smart smiles and laughs, though. Next month…

Kyle MR

I'll be disguised as Kate from LOST.


OK, now I'm definitely going.


I hope that there will be no bears at this Build Guild despite the tag on this event. Super models are welcome though.


we'll be up in Hanover in the afternoon - not sure i can physically make it to Salem by 6:30.

i should have bought a delorean.


A flux capacitor works in any vehicle.


OK, "Raping Babies And Eating Their Eyes," as a tag over there to the right, is a bit much.

Just kidding.