323 Sixth Avenue
New York City, New York 10014

The classic musical episode, plus goodie bags, Buffy-oke, and surprises!
Fri and Sat, September 15-16 at midnight!

'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' was more than just another television show -- it was a cultural phenomenon. Series creator Joss Whedon poured his heart and soul into "Once More With Feeling", a surprisingly effective musical episode from 'Buffy's' sixth season. He wrote and composed all the songs, shot in wide-screen, and even extended the length of the show in order to cram in more music.

The musical episode is a fan favorite and inspired such adoration that it just had to jump to the big screen. Buffy fans (and those who have yet to be converted) can watch it larger-than-life, surrounded by 200 singing, shouting, and laughing fellow Buffy-heads, with subtitles to help lead the audience in a sing-a-long with all the characters. And, in the tradition of Rocky Horror and other interactive fan-favorites, there are goodie bags filled with tools for participating in the show. Before the screening starts, audience members can take part in a Buffy-oke contest and show off their own acting skills. Plus trivia, prizes, and more Buffy-inspired fun.

Official Website: http://www.ifccenter.com/event?eventid=999915

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