1187 Franklin Street
San Francisco, California 94109

SF Gray Panthers Presents
Budgets and Ballot Propositions that Kill

Tuesday, April 21, 1 PM
Fireside Room, Unitarian Universalist Center
1187 Franklin St (at Geary)
Free, Wheelchair OK

California’s recent budget agreement is a disaster for seniors, kids, people with disabilities, and low-income working families, with devastating cuts to schools, medical care, income support, home care, and many other vital services.

But as bad and as oppressive as this state budget is, it depends on passing six May 19 Special Election Propositions, some which are even worse than the budget itself.

Foremost among these is Prop 1A, a permanent spending cap, which would freeze all spending at today's low levels, even as the over-65 population grows and poverty increases.

State spending could only increase in step with the Consumer Price Index (which is much lower than the rate of inflation for health care and social services in a depressed economy) or with increased population (which ignores other changes like increased poverty or near-doubling of the over-65 population.) Regardless of future needs, the Spending Cap could be lifted only by a 2/3 vote in a state-wide election. Prop 1A also extends this year’s temporary increases in sales, income, and vehicle taxes from two to four years.

Join Colleen Rivecca and Hene Kelly in a discussion of how to organize to overcome these threats.

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More info: 415-552-8800

Official Website: http://graypantherssf.igc.org/09-04-21-gen_meeting.htm

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