6870 Mt. Baldy Rd
Mt. Baldy, California 91759

Country,jazz,rock & roll,dancing,free parking

Official Website: http://www.mtbaldybuckhornlodge.com

Added by romero9000 on April 18, 2009



Send Pics,that you may have.Thank you


a Review from the past...

Late on a Friday nite my fian'ce and I were looking for somewhere to dine but didn't want to fight traffic, deal with reservations or high priced parking and decided to get away with a short drive to Mt Baldy and came across the most adorable place nestled in the woods. The BuchHorn Lodge had very friendly staff and out of this world entertainment! The band was one of the best we have ever heard and the performance by a very sexy singer with feathered boas was outstanding we loved the place so much we have decided to have our wedding reception there! Please everyone take a drive up (you will not regret it)

David and Victoria


Send your stories & pic's to show everybody,you had a great time there.


my daugther and I wanted to go back the placed again and this place good for to relax listen country music,jazz and rock and roll but my daugther will be coming next week with my mom and dad too lucky for my daugther will have fun


yeah, send me some pix of us