1900 - 3rd Street 2nd Floor
San Francisco, California 94158

Memoirspool is a monthly series of storytelling, as told by the individuals who experienced them. This month's topic; "Brushes with the Law" is about being stopped by cops, arrested, or making a narrow getaway. Get there early so you don't miss the first story!

Official Website: http://www.memoirspool.com/

Added by Danger Ranger on February 3, 2007



So memoirspool.com says this event will take place at a cafe out in the avenues. This post says BRC offices. Which is it? thanx


Here's the official scoop from Ray as of yesterday:

Please make a note that the next Memoir Spool on Wednesday, February 7th will be at the Burning Man Office since the Bazaar Cafe is closing down for emergency repairs. We'll still be starting at 7 PM. Just ring the buzzer and come upstairs:

1900 3rd St. (@ 16th St.)
San Francisco, CA 94158

Many thanks to the Burning Man board for hosting this event on such short notice!