225 Hagley Road, Edgbaston
Birmingham, England

BrumCon is a semi regular (ok regular) event organised by Brum2600 regulars, featuring a wide variety of talks, discussion, demos and most importantly, alcohol. Incorrectly but neatly dubbed a 'blackhat thinktank' by NTK (www.ntk.net), The Register - 'We have your water supply, and printers', BBC Midlands Today - 'Spooky' and by you lot as the UK's biggest underground Hacker con. We welcome all kinds of phreaks, geeks and other technologically interested people from all sides of the fence (as long as hats, badges and warrants are left at the door).

Official Website: http://www.brum2600.net/brumcon6

Added by mavit on August 23, 2006



Re-LoaD has invited me to speak, so expect some email filtering hints and tips, and maybe a few stories if the bosses let me ;)