1325 E Madison St
Seattle, Washington 98122

Chop Suey, Decibel, Fourthcity, Sensory Effect, and Shameles present



->ABE DUQUE--live (Gigolo, Novamute, Abe Duque records-NYC)
Abe Duque got much of his early musical understanding from his dad who was a gifted musician and evangelical minister. Abe discovered Djing in the 80’s when he became obsessed with vinyl and electronic dance music production. He bought his first synthesizer with money from his newspaper route and played his keyboard in his dad’s church.

In the early 90’s Abe became the keyboardist for the then techno supergroup Program2. In 1993 Abe made a decision to start his record label TENSION. Tension has become a shining light illuminating the way for new paradigms and possibilities in electronic music, and sometimes for twisted stuff not even Abe understands.
In recent years Abe along with John Selway co-founded Rapture Records. Most recently abe started a new label called out of all things Abe Duque Records. And let us not fail to mention the madness that is Rancho Relaxo. Abe is an intensively versatile artist. There seems to be no limit to Abe’s musical explorations while always keeping a unique flavor that’s remarkably refined and definitely his own. He can be categorized as a producer for producers. A pioneer.

Abe has released his music on several labels such as, Tresor, Imago, State of mind, Warner Bros, Disko-b, Gigolo, Oval, V2, Vortex, Sähkö, Mainframe, Instinct, GiG, Tension, Abuse, Mille Plateaux, Sonic Groove & Rapture. He has worked under a few different names such as: Abe Duque, Kirlian, Super Secret Symphony, Facil, and founded the Rancho Relaxo All-stars.He has released works done together with the likes of Richard Dorfmeister, Jimmy Tenor, Blake Baxter, John Selway, Patrick Pulsinger and DJ Hell. As a dj Abe has travelled the world to play his music. From his once resident club Limelight in NYC to many stops around the globe.

->BRIAN ZENTZ--dj set (CMYK music, Audio Circle-PDX)
Bryan Zentz (aka Barada, Faculty X, Bryan Never) is known as The Professor amongst the Intec posse, a thoughtful individual who takes an intelligent approach to his music. A skilled musician who takes pride in writing rather than sampling the vast majority of his music he leaves many others behind with the breadth of his versatility whether it's techno, house, electro, ambient or industrial. Bryan's first release on Intec was the Skufftones 1.0 EP which included the stunning "Algebra", a real techno disco workout that blew up for a variety of DJ's such as Danny Tenaglia, Derrick May and Slam. His current release "Watch The Sun" is destined for greater things as he blends Latino piano with slap bass, showing why he's a true original in the techno scene.

Taken in by hip-hop, punk, graffiti, design, and different forms of electronic music, this Virginian has lived a creative youth. From playing in bands and being surrounded by a strong musical family (his father still performs), his ears are tuned when it comes to hearing an original sound. From an early love with hip-hop and house music, he found other roots of electronic music as influence. Devo, Kraftwerk, Inner City, Cabaret Voltaire, Skinny Puppy, Eric B & Rakim, Basic Channel, Rob Hood, and Jeff Mills - they've all held Bryan's ears closely at one time or another.

Bryan first made his name in electronic music as Barada (the name was taken from a Star Wars character) on Richie Hawtin and John Acquaviva's legendary Definitive label with now classic releases such as "Medicine Drum" and "Glue". After a string of singles on labels like EXperimental, Bush and Clashbackk among others, the time came for a full length Barada album "Strategies for a Deeper Design" released through Definitive and Virgin Canada. And it was that rare thing, a house album that told a story.

Bryan is one of the few 'performing' artists of the house/techno genre and boasts one the meanest live sets in dance music that has rocked The End in London, Bugged Out! in Manchester, Florida135 in Barcelona, Twilo in NYC and The Arches in Glasgow. Somewhat of a studio workaholic his unrelenting output has lead to the release of high quality gems on labels such as Zozan Music, Primate, Tronic, Electrix and Superbra to name a few. He has now turned his focus on to his artist album on Intec due in early 2002 which will be followed by an extensive world tour. Expect the unexpected!

->KRIS MOON--live! (Laptop battle/Decibel-SEA)

->DJ EDDIE--dj set (Evironmental Structures-SEA)

sound in main room by FUNKTION ONE



->SEAN MAJORS--dj set (Lost Boys-SEA)

->JEN WOOLFE--dj set (Lecshi Lounge-SEA)

->BROKEN DISCONAUTS--dj set (Broken Disco-=SEA)

sound in makeout lounge by SHAMELESS


Doors open at 9pm / 18+

@ Chop Suey
1325 E. Madison

Official Website: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=9100599337

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