1200 D North Alvarado Street
Los Angeles, California 90026

10 performers outfitted in medieval/space/fantasy armor re-create Bruce Nauman’s 1973 work “Tony Sinking into the Floor, Face Up and Face Down”. Performed in slow motion and combined with movements based on computer game death animations, this piece is accompanied by a high volume binaural beats reputed to induce out of body experiences.
Closely linked to his past process of modification of existing computer games, as well as performative events with medieval re-enactment and fantasy live action role playing subcultures, this piece is presented in conjunction with his exhibit at the Santa Monica Museum of Art of Judgment Modification (After Memling) a non-interactive, animated recreation of The Last Judgment by Hans Memling (1467–71) using the unreal game engine.

Official Website: http://www.machineproject.com/

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