San Francisco, California

Ignore the venue. It is totally TBA and all that. I just picked one.

Er. yeah. I is coming to SF on Friday the 22nd. I am driving or flying up from San Diego (I haven't decided which yet) during the day, so will be around in the evening (for I drive like the WINNNNDD!), or if I fly (if there is a good reason) I will be there earlier in case there is anything exciting happening.

So. If anyone is around, it would be cool to do any or all of the following:

1: Drinking beer in a suitably convivial (series?) of establishments (involving much hilarity and stupid jokes, preferably)

2: Eating .... (as above, or indeed followed by the above)

3: Wandering around pointing and taking pictures (crazy idea, I know) of stuff.

4: Wandering around and pointing and laughing at people.

5: (for the brave) as above, but within their ear shot ;)

6: I intend to visit a certain pink and blue office, or at least the majority of the contents of one. By which I mean the people, rather than a lonely moment surrounded by office furniture.

7: Any other suggestions that sound amusing/entertaining/potentially illegal/immoral. I have (at this moment) zero plans, as is my wont, and winging it sounds a laugh.

So anyone fancy it? I know one or two are already in, but I shall take this opportunity to say that should anyone want to reply directly via email, that is fine. At least that way if no-one replies here, I can come back and make some shit up about what a great time I had with, er, other people... ;)

Added by Brock on September 11, 2006



Spiralz left me a list of things to do to you.

Thankfully none of them involving mouth-to-mouth contact.


I'm watching you, Brock....


I'm out of town until the 25th, but hope to catch you before you leave!


Come to this
please Brock! On the walls 4 Bay Area Flickr photographers' work as selected by Philadelphia Flickr mainstay Bruce Grant ... in the room, various flickr people, food, drink, conversation. Decent beer -- and 2 blocks from really great local beer at 21st amendment brewpub, so it may as well be the first stop on your rounds for Fri... why not make it your venue?


Um. Blimey. That all looks a bit serious. I may stick out a bit, but I'll certainly consider it. I will commit the location to memory (or con someone into taking me/spoon feeding me directions).

One or t'other.

We'll see how this all pans out before making a decision.

Cyg: When on Monday are you coming back? I'll see if I can shuffle flights to suit.


(oh, the write-up is probably too serious, but the place is a neighborhood cafe with burgers and (for opening parties) people talking happily and meeting each other and showing off their latest lenses and the like. not serious.

here - some shots from other openings there:" )


Phew, that was close - good thing I'll be moving on :)



Ok. I will be driving up on Friday, I have now decided, so will be there from late afternoon. I am tempted by Gail's thingy, but if it is the only evening that Heather/Kev et al are available, it will get bumped, I am afraid...

Any clues as to what people are doing?


Not. Fair.


Oh Brock, where are youuuu? I sent flickr mail.


George: You is in the bad books for your excuse. 'I am not in the country' is a shit excuse for not being there.


So. I will be at the meet mentioned by gail. We'll wing it from there. I have a mobile number for easier meeting up, but I won't (funnily enough) post that on t'internet. Mail me and I'll share it out, slut that I am.....


i'm sure a contingent can be gathered from the brickhouse to go out adventuring from there.


Great, come on by to "Haunted by Waters" and we'll toast your visit.


Brock - I can't make it tonight but would love to join you for a drink sometime this weekend. Can you flickrmail me your mobile #?



Myself and Endico are off to the dragon boat thingy tomorrow (probably lunch time/afternoon), if anyone cares to join us:

I'll check this page/my email before I leave the hotel, so if anyone does want to hook up with us, that may be the best way to get in touch/get my number.

Vac: I have emailed you the number. Don't call me too early, as I is an even more tired bunny than Heather was tonight... ;)