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Washington, District of Columbia 20045

Host: Institute for Policy Innovation. Join the Institute for Policy Innovation for a lively policy discussion and briefing that will provide an international perspective on current policy debates regarding mobile broadband deployment, network management and spectrum policy. Discussants will move beyond the sound bytes and explore questions such as: What is the state of broadband deployment in the EU? Asia? Africa? Elsewhere? Is the reality of deployment at odds with the content of the OECD’s Broadband Reports? What role does mobile broadband play in economies around the world? What is the consumer demand for wireless broadband outside the U.S., and how is consumer demand for wireless broadband shaped by the availability of fixed alternatives? What role(s) do governments play? Are there lessons the U.S. can learn from abroad regarding spectrum policies that worked, and those that haven’t?

Official Website: http://www.ipi.org/ipi/IPIevents.nsf/7e95259cfadf295d862568960056d82f/57a32dabd4650bb48625747a00511a18?OpenDocument

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