11a Kensington Gardens
Brighton, England BN1 4AL

Bristol Geeks in Brighton for dConstruct. We'll need food after the improbably arduous journey and before we go to the pre-party:

Added by t1mmyb on September 5, 2007



Hoping to come, but not sure what time i'll arrive in Brighton.. might have to catch up at the pre-party


Hi Rick,

The pre-party details are here:

Alex Francis

Waikikamukau - sounds like a Hawaiian beef / dairy niche restaurant. Hey, whatever, I'm game.


Not sure when I'm coming down. If I stay with non-geek friends may eat with them. Otherwise I'll be there.


Wai Kika Moo Kau is a veggie place - http://www.brighton-eating.com/424.htm

Jon Tan

Thanks for the invite, Tim. My colleague Jon Gibbins and I will almost definitely come by -- we're looking forward to saying hi. Just for the record, I'd never kick a moo cow.


Hi Jon. It will be good to meet you. See you later!


I should be there for the meal. Getting 14:13 train from Bath via London and will get in aroun 17:30.