Leadworks, Anchor Square, Harbourside
Bristol, England BS1 5DB

This months Dorkbot promises to be as exciting as ever!

You can find us at the Pervasive Media Studio in Anchor Square, on Tuesday 17th November starting at 7PM and running until 10PM, when we’ll then adjourn to a nearby watering hole to carry on chatting about all things dorkbotical.

This month’s Dorkbot will include a performance from Stefan Goodchild who has recently moved to Bristol and is a whizz with all things technology having left his job working for Real World to create wonders with tech here in Bristol!

This is a Show ‘n’ Tell session where all are invited to come and show a thing, enthuse about something they love, share new ideas or even give a short presentation of a project to find people to work with.

So look forward to seeing you soon!

Official Website: http://www.dorkbot.org/dorkbotbristol/

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Tuesday Nov 18th shurely?

Alex Francis

I think it must be on Tuesday, which is the 18th, but this page, the flyer and the eventwax page all say 17th.. Have emailed dorkbotbristol at googlemail.com to ask which it is.


Sorry peeps, I was so not well when I was tryin to pull this lot together last week...thanks for letting me know : )