496 14th Street (@ Guererro)
San Francisco, California 94103

The idea was a to start a night somewhere where you could go and dance to stuff you wouldn't usually dance to--or more specifically, wouldn't hear out in a typical night out dancing. Because even if someone WAS playing something like say, CocoRosie, you wouldn't necessarily find your ass twitching with the anticipation of shaking it's self to the groove of the harp. I'm an electronic/computer based musician and apply it towards remixing the vibe and tempo of the track, adding new beats and reinventing the track for the dance floor--suddenly, a harp based dance track. And yeah, you CAN dance to a harp. Or Tegan and Sara. Or Tom Waits, Fiona Apple, Sufjan Stevens, Blur and The Arcade Fire, but also stuff like Def Leppard, Pufy AmiYumi, and CoCoRosie.
Every Monday, I'll be doing my version of remixing at Brigitte Bardot at the Hush, Hush.

Added by Ray McCrorey on March 21, 2006