42 Kingsway
London, England

Our speaker this Monday 20th February will be Tony Robinson, an activist within the Humanist Party of the UK. He is also currently "chairman" of the Assembly of the International Humanist Movement. The topic of his talk is: Why humanism needs a political party.

The Humanist Party overlaps with but is different from secular humanism. Get the full spiel on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Humanist_Movement. I have also filed HumanistInternationalTheses.doc, one of the foundational documents for Humanist International, on www.smartgroups.com/groups/brightsuk. (If you find the first bit tough going, skip to the theses near the bottom of page 2!)

I hope you will join us for what is guaranteed to be a very informative talk and an extremely lively debate! As ever, we will be in the back room (no smoking) of the Pitcher & Piano, 42 Kingsway, Holborn, WC2B 6EY. Arrive any time from 6.30pm;
the talk starts 7.30pm. See you there!

Added by glen on February 10, 2006