45 Church Road
Hove, England BN3 2BE

A gathering of Brighton Ruby folk and some kindred spirits. About bloody time I know. We should bring some of that pub vibe into The Werks so bring a couple of beers to oil the progress.

Any volunteers for a talk or just keep it social?

Official Website: http://brighton-ruby.org

Added by james2m on January 11, 2008



I've been playing with Story based rspec stuff. Been playing for about 2 days, and have no expertise, but it may be interesting. I hear these days even those Java guys are using rspec.

But I'm more than up for more beer time.


It would be good to have you talk about rspec I have avoided it for some time so would love to have you do a talk.

MaxWilliams Brighton

Nice one, better late than never!


The new rspec story stuff, or rspec generally? Or maybe both. We'll see.


@abscond will you be bringing the milk float?


yes, really you should bring it, we may get a few more girls along...


If anybody wants to cowork at The Werks before hand drop a comment on the blog http://brighton-ruby.org.

How about we take out some beers and order in pizza?


Whilst it is a known fact my milk float brings all the girls to the yard, and ignoring the thought of North London to Brighton at 15mph, it turns out Insurance companies don't trust 19 year olds with Milk Floats. Le Sigh.


they're just jealous


This event doesn't show up for 'Brighton', even if you include nearby areas. Even if i select 'East Sussex' i can't see it, weirdly. Am i misusing upcoming?


Aleks, it may be because it is in Hove. Damn it why don't the Hovies just give in and let us call the whole thing Brighton.


Or call Brighton, Hove!

Is this the right place to tell someone I am interested in going to this event and will it cost me an arm and a leg?


@lunalobo No it will cost you nothing but the beers you drink and a little time.


Good! I'll bring my 10 gallon Toby jug with out the hat.


hi guys, can't make it tonight now unfortunately, had my wisdom tooth out last week, still in pain and can't drink cos of the antibiotics. I'll be at the next one, I promise!