49 Cheltenham Place
Brighton, England BN1 4AB

A monthly meet up for robotics enthusiasts and hobbyists to share knowledge and ideas, collaborate on projects, play with robots and build a robot army to take over the world.

Well, maybe not the last bit. Not yet anyway.

This will be the first meet for the group and will be a social designed to meet the other members and share experiences. Members should bring along an example robot that they have built (if they have built one) or at least come armed with lots of enthusiasm.

Emily (http://robochick.co.uk) will be bringing along her fighting mini-sumo robots and her arduino and would like to discuss ways to use it to replace the robot's brainboard. She would also like to discuss using the gyroscope inside the iphone to remotely control a robot

Alan will also be bringing along his sumovore - the first robot he has ever built and will be able to talk about the trials and tribulations of beginning robotics. And with so many sumovore's in attendance we will be digging out the robot sumo ring so that attendees can work out their differences robot-style.

Bill from Sussex University will also be along with some of the robots from his robotics lab there. We may also have some retro bots from the 80's (BBC Micro, BBC Buggy and Jessop Turtle (LOGO)) along with some cool arduino hacked items.

To top it all off we shall also be providing some free beer, wine and soft drinks to everyone who comes along.

If you are bringing along a robot and would like to tell me what it is, please contact Emily via the Brighton Robots forum at http://robotbrighton.ning.com/.

Official Website: http://robotbrighton.ning.com/events/first-brighton-robotics-meetup

Added by Emily Toop on January 5, 2009