57 Upper North Street
Brighton, England BN1 3FH

A meetup for Python programmers in Brighton.

This will be a pub-based meetup - no specific talks are planned. It's merely an attempt to get some of the Python programmers down here talking to each other. Though if you have specific topics you want to discuss then feel free to bring them up.

Once we've got an idea of numbers we'll organise future events as needed.

UPDATE: we'll be sharing the venue with the Farm at the Hampton Arms. So feel free to come along to the Farm and/or the Python meet - I'm sure there will be plenty of overlap with the conversation.

Added by lilspikey on January 9, 2008



Hi there - definitely interested in attending. some particular interests of mine:

- cross-platform use with wxPython
- low-level use with ctypes
- pypy and stackless python etc.

Jon Nicoll


Hi Jon, glad you're interested. I'm interested to meet web-devs (TurboGears or Django) and talk about my use of python for industrial AI research...as well as sinking a few pints.
I'll also be very interested to hear which tutorials other pythonistas would like us to make on my ShowMeDo.


Hi Jon,
I'm a big fan of ctypes too - something great about not having to write C code to access native functionality that's so liberating. Might be interesting to do a ctypes intro at a future meetup? This time round I think we'll just be seeing who's around and what they're into.



In fact thinking about it a general "interfacing Python with native code" session might be interesting.

I've used ctypes and SWIG myself and I know Kyran has used Pyrex and a few other things too, so there might be plenty to discuss.


all sounds good! I have done a *tiny* bit with pyrex as well, and also (many years ago) wrote a cross-compilable (Windows/Linux) C extension for accessing the real world. I've played around with Django a bit as well - in fact building a simple web site with it is one of my current projects. But I'm more an embedded guy than a web dev. The Industrial AI stuff sounds interesting! Hope to see some of you there.



I can't make this one unfortunately, but would like to attend any future meets. My main use of Python is Zope/Plone. Plus I like running it on Nokia Series 60 phones...


I'm interested in going. Seems unfortunate to host on a Wednesday, as Brighton Farm (tech/web freelancers) also meet on a Weds at 8pm.


Phoenix Linden and I will be there and are happy to talk about how Python is used in Second Life.


Jim - great news :-) I was hoping you'd come along, it'll be great to hear about Second Life.


This is a great idea. Im not 100% sure if I can make it tonight though ( I only saw this today :). Hopefully Ill be along a bit later or Ill definatly be coming to the next!