28 Upper Hamilton Rd
Brghton, England BN1 5DF

This session is lead by certified NLP Trainer and Ericksonian Hypnotherapist Russell Potts. Russell is highly experienced in the field of NLP and has worked closely with some of the leaders in the field. Whether you are in NLP for self development coaching or therapy you will gain from Russell’s vast knowledge and experience.

Trusting Your Unconscious For a change

When making behavioral changes your unconscious has the best resources to create change that is seamless and automatic. During the course of our lives we drift in and out of different behavioral states many governed automatically and contextually activated. The more choices you have the less automated and robotic our lives can be. Ecological behavioral change is about generating new choices.

During this session you can utilize the breakthrough of NLP patterning as well as an overview of NLP epistemology.

Admission £5.00

Official Website: http://www.mailx.co.uk/forum/index.php

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