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For all attendees of Practical Film Directing & Camera workshops, we are now offering a special one day workshop where you can put into practice everything you have learned so far!

This is your chance to either be the director or the cinematographer (DoP) on a short film shot in a film studio with professional equipment and two working actors. It is an ideal opportunity to add to your showreel!

There are ONLY 8 PLACES AVAILABLE: FOUR directors & FOUR cinematographers.

You must email us to register your interest and let us know if you want to participate as a director or cinematographer.


Directors will have 90 minutes to direct a short film or scene they have written themselves. The script needs to be 2-3 pages and supplied 2 weeks in advance to allow the actors to learn their lines. The scripts will need to have two characters, one male and one female. The films will all be shot in the film studio with two professional actors using any props you might wish to bring.

The directors will also act as assistant director, script supervisor/continuity and art director on the other participants film.


Cinematographers will be paired up with a director and will have the chance to be the Director of Photography on the short film for the 90 minutes allotted to shoot the film. As Director of Photography, you will be responsible for deciding where the lights go, the mood and shooting style and also will liaise with a director to discuss shot-lists and storyboards to decide camera position and types of shot.

DoP’s will then act as Camera Operator, Camera Assistant and Sound Operator on other people’s scenes.

With health and safety in mind, award-winning cinematographer Alex Wakeford will act as Gaffer for all DoP’s.


We will supply a DVD of the rushes as well as an edited version of the finished films.


In the weeks leading up to this workshop we will pair up the director/DoP teams and we will be available via email to work with the directors and DoP’s to ensure everyone achieves exactly what they want from their films.

* 10:00 Introduction
* 10:30-12:00 Team 1 to shoot their short film
* 12:00-13:30 Team 2 to shoot their short film
* 13:30-14:00 Lunch
* 14:00-15:30 Team 3 to shoot their short film
* 15:30-17:00 Team 4 to shoot their short film
* 17:00 Wrap

To book: visit www.brightonfilmworkshops.co.uk
For more information, email: [email protected]

Official Website: http://www.brightonfilmworkshops.co.uk

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