Pevensey 3, University of Sussex
Falmer, England BN1 9QT

This is a special festival session of the Brighton Coding Dojo.

The Brighton Coding Dojo Night offers an exciting opportunity to collaborate with others to explore group computer programming - where groups of people work together to address a single challenge.

This event hopes to bring together a mix of public, students and professionals looking to explore creative group coding in a unique atmosphere. Although some basic knowledge of programming concepts is preferred, you do not need to be proficient in any one language.

This special festival session will be held in the exciting InQbate Creativity Zone at Sussex University. The space is fully interactive and will be specially designed to facilitate collaboration.

The evening will also be fully catered.

Tickets are available at the subsidised rate of £3/£2.

Find out more on the dojo festival night website.

Official Website:

Added by bluejoh on March 23, 2007



As usual I am attending unless it is Java. :)


No Java! Promise. :)

Jim Callender

too bad this is the same date as the skillswap microformats night.. both fantastic events in Brighton...


Since it's not java I might give it a go :)