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Brighton, England BN1 4EW

The Dojo is set up to let everyone experiment with coding in a non-competitive, collaborative, fun environment. Skill levels vary from beginner to Jedi master. Everyone is welcome.

In the two hour session, up to twelve developers take turns working together to solve a programming problem.

Find out more and sign up on the dojo website.

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Added by bluejoh on July 31, 2007



The link for the source code from the last Dojo requires authentication. I wanted to check out the code before next week, so I could hit the ground running rather than just hit the ground. Thanks.


Hi Sean. The username is dojo and password is typ3c1ub. Don't forget to sign up to the mailing list too!


Don't worry too much about the existing source code Sean. One of the points of the Dojo is that you need do absolutely zero preparation beforehand. Partly it's about be able to practice being dropped in the deep end with a project but in a safe environment.