Gloucester House, 45 Gloucester Street, Brighton BN1 4EW
Brighton, England BN1 4EW

The Dojo is set up to let everyone experiment with coding in a non-competitive, collaborative, fun environment. Skill levels vary from beginner to Jedi master. Everyone is welcome.

In the two hour session, up to twelve developers take turns working together to solve a programming problem.

This time we will be working with Kata 20 in Ruby.

Find out more and sign up on the dojo website.

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Added by bluejoh on June 28, 2007



Can a non-techie come along just to observe and quietly awe at the incredible coding skills of others?


Absolutely. The Dojo is about how teams work as well as about coding. Everyone has 5 minutes steering the project, in which you are allowed to do anything you like. You could decide that your turn involves no coding but instead decides on the next step or confirms that the application is being tested properly. As to coding, there is always someone on hand to assist with syntax and 'asking the audience' is an acceptable/encouraged strategy.


Hey guys - a bit off topic but does anyone know if the ruby group is meeting tonight?

MaxWilliams Brighton

I hope it wasn't cos if it was then i missed it :) James would have emailed i think. Not even had a ruby group email in ages...


no it wasn't on - i emailed James, he is in Crete. The reason I asked was cos it was on the google group calendar, and as such I got a reminder email, also I really wanted to go but never mind... :)


Sorry, I can't make it. Crisis at home. I'll try and make it next time.