Haarlemmerweg 8-10
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Bright Live is de eerste lifestyle playground & expo over Technology, Design & Style: je ziet, probeert en beleeft de nieuwste generatie technologieën, produkten en concepten van vandaag, morgen én overmorgen. Doe het zelf!
De vloer wordt ingevuld door iedereen die actief is op de volgende gebieden: mobile, speed, fashion, design, living, music, office, cult, city, science, travel en sport.

Official Website: http://www.brightlive.nl/

Added by BlueAce on August 1, 2006



This looks really cool. Will there be any English presentations or information here? (Sorry - my Dutch is very bad!)


Since Bright is a Dutch magazine I'm not sure English will be manditory. But with names like Nikon, Canon, etc., there will be something for a non-dutchy to look at I think :)


I think the conference is supposed to be less about talk and more about looking at/handling cool tech. I guess you could even have fun if you spoke chinese ;)