70 North 6th Street
New York, New York 11211

9/16, front, $6

Bright Red/Villa Vina/The Netherlands
+ DJ New York Night Train.
VILLA VINA prefer playing music as
opposed to not. They enjoy writing about themselves in the third
person, and describe their sound with a string of contradictory
adjectives including but not limited to "predatory" "duplicitous" and
"informal". Some songs are long, and others are only slightly longer,
allowing your mind to wander like a thirsty pony that will inevitably
be tracked down by its master and beaten for its disobedience."

THE NETHERLANDS 'play a kind of futuristic biker rock, with lurch
happy riffs and a singer who slathers his voice in weird, psycho effects..Their 20 minute set is a burst of anti-intellectual glee'
-Time Out NY

Sydney, Australia's BRIGHT RED is a band. Bright Red contains a girl on bass, a boy on the drums and some more girls on guitars. The girl on the bass also sings into a microphone. The girl on the bass and one of the girls on guitar are sisters. The other girl on guitar has a name like a car. The drummer�s name rhymes with a part of his anatomy.
Bright Red play live shows. These live shows can be loud and are usually at venues with sticky floors and overpriced beer. They usually wear skirts, though the boy on the drums will usually not.
Bright Red released their debut single mid �07 - �New York Kid� which was recorded at Studios 301, with engineer extraordinaire David Trump. The single is available in stores NOW and on itunes.

Official Website: http://publicassemblynyc.com/events/view/150

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