1115 East Main
Rochester, New York 14609

Tour five cavernous landmark buildings and the neighborhoods surrounding them and an imposing corner in Rochester, the intersection of not only Goodman and Main, but also for a CSX rail trunk running from Chicago to Boston. There the overpass and 6 lanes of Main fracture the city into distinct sectors, dividing them from each other, the Village Gate from the Public Market, the Neighborhood of the Arts from Beechwood from each Lower and Upper Marketview Heights. Severed, without a walkable intermix of residences, offices, and marketplaces, none of these neighborhoods and buildings thrive.

Saturday's all day charrette, a community design process to bridge the neighborhoods, begins with Friday evening's behind-the-scenes walking tour of the neighborhood and five landmark buildings, the Armory, the Hungerford, the Wehle and Dazzle Theatre, the Eastman Dental Dispensary, and the Auditorium Center and Theatre. Then at 7pm in the Dryden Theatre, as an informal follow-up see Sketches of Frank Gehry, a selection in the High Falls Film Fest. The charrette proper begins Saturday 8:30a and runs through 4pm. To attend the tour and to participate, both free, please register and then dig into the site.

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