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The BRIC: Emerging Mobile Markets conference will focus on the tremendous mobile opportunities in Brazil, Russia, India and China, also known as the BRIC economies. These countries are regarded as the four largest emerging markets in the world. Between 2001 and 2007 BRIC countries represented 40% of the world’s new mobile subscribers.

While many markets around the world have become stagnant, BRIC economies are growing at a staggering rate and offer enormous opportunity for operators, manufacturers, content providers, software developers and numerous others in the value chain.

We will bring together experts on each of these countries to discuss the business opportunities and challenges in these dynamic and diverse markets including:

* Infrastructure and technology opportunities within the BRIC markets
* What services and applications are currently in demand? What are projected future services?
* Challenges for foreign companies when entering BRIC markets and how to overcome them
* How will operators increase subscribers and ARPU?
* BRIC operator case studies and development strategies
* What are the “Hot Spots” for future growth in the BRIC markets?
* The future of 3G/4G
* Vendor and developer case studies and success stories
* Demographics and user habits within BRIC countries
* Mobile web and advertising opportunities
* Understanding the importance of culture, customs and religious observances
* Understanding business customs and terminology
* Forecasts and growth trends
* Establishing partnerships

Official Website: http://www.bricmobilemarkets.com

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