628 Divisadero Street
San Francisco, California 94117

Doors 7:30.. Opening act "Dimmer"

Official Website: http://www.theindependentsf.com/sept2007.htm

Added by rossmacdonald on August 19, 2007



Here's a review -- "It was whack. Good job to Anton on ruining another fucking show. Doors at 7? No problem, they'll be on at 9ish, right? Wrong. I mean, hey, they were over an hour late for their first night on Monday night, because they were probably all smacked up in a van somewhere and forgot they had a show to play. But at least they made it, so there's no way they'll play late tonight, right? Wrong again. Dimmers came on at 8:30 and played until 9:15...then for 45 minutes, the crowd was forced to listen to some god-awful warm up music. Then finally, GOD FINALLY, you can hear the sweeping sounds in the distance, building to a crescendo! -- THIS MUST BE IT, THEY'RE COMING ON. Fully expecting a nice seque from CD/Vinyl into live instrumentation, you can feel the crowd pull closer to the stage, anxiously awaiting the opening chords. Wait for it.....wait for it....and there ... "You motherfuckers stop staring at me! Fuckin' pretentious shitheads. Fuck off, all of you." And at that moment, I knew we were in for a long night of standing around and getting bitched at, while the band (namely Anton) just barely managed to make it through 10 or so songs. My back is killing me after a few hours and my feet have been mashed to pulp. I look at my watch -- "Holy shit, it's 1:00am?" Turning to my girlfriend, she reads my body language and replies without intro, "Yah fuck this, let's go." They probably played til at least 2:00am I imagine, but I don't care. In the last hour from 1:00am til 2:00am, I could have listened to an entire CD of their music, meanwhile back at The Independent, they probably managed to stumble through only one or two more songs in-between Anton's manic bitching. God, is there anything in the world that can make that fucker Anton happy?

And to Dimmer -- you guys rock, I'm a fan now because of last night's show.