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This workshop will focus primarily on finding our centers- or our core which contains our energy as well as our stillness. When the mind learns to quiet itself and relax- this is where process begins. We will work on the following techniques to help us attain our goals. First of all breathing is the main ingredient. This means learning to breath from all different parts of ourselves. Also gentle movement is used to facilitate profound and deep breathing. It is the ultimate in relaxation, centering and truly connecting with self. I will also show those of you who are interested, how the breath can then produce sound. This has become quite popular with many women in my workshops and private practice, as these techniques can be practiced anywhere and at any time. I find the breath and relaxation especially helpful when there is stress or anxiety. It is also great because it becomes such a personal healing tool-No one can take it away from you! Also it is transformational when women get together to breathe, gently move, tone- or just be. I look forward to facilitating the workshop and meeting the group. This is for women only. Take care, be well- and be there- or be square!

This event is $10. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat and/or blanket.

Bracha Adrezin Bio
As a professional opera singer in Europe, Bracha used to perform extensively as a concert soloist for grand balls in ancient castles. Bracha was always fascinated by the body energy generated by original Italian Bel Canto techniques. She discovered the same power that could shake the walls of large concert halls could be used to release and heal deep physica/emotional blockages held in the body. Bracha received advanced training in psychology and psychotherapy from the University of Vienna. After studying many forms of body/mind healing, Bracha had a successful practice in New York City. She specialized in assisting women in releasing their inner power and joy through deep voice/breath release and movement. Bracha is very sensitive to her clients' releasing and processing in a very safe, honoring manner. Bracha's workshops are noted for their fun and mental/emotion/physical satisfaction.
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Bracha Adrezin

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