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IPTV has completed its first stage of growth, moving from a technology concept at the start of the decade to a real service that, in some countries, has now achieved mass-market status. The sector is in the midst of a reality check but the vision is still there, including the ultimate ambition - contained within many IPTV providers to de-couple television from schedules and deliver a truly personalised experience that is also available anytime, anywhere.

During this morning session Chris Averill (of CAD interactive ) and Nigel Walley (of Decipher) will explore IPTV and delineate a framework of what the term covers. They will look at who is bringing IPTV solutions to market and dissect each new form of ad format they are proposing (or not as the case may be).

In particular, they will discuss the following key questions facing the industry:
• How will IPTV enable real interactive advertising through TV?
• Can IPTV deliver a unified platform for advertising?
• What impact will emerging platforms like BT Vision have?
• What do agencies / brands need from IPTV to reach the mass market?


Chris Averill is an expert interface designer with industry, leading usability and IA expertise. He promotes user centred design, from the users and the business perspective. His career has seen him launch HomeChoice in 1996, lead BUPA’s web team, deliver web and interactive TV projects for Arthur Andersen and most recently launch BT Vision.

Nigel Walley is Managing Director of Decipher the media strategy consultancy, who work with large advertisers and media companies to understand the commercial implications of new consumer technologies. Decipher has worked on interactive media and technology projects for a wide range of clients including NTL, Telewest, the BBC, Sky, UKTV, Channel 4, Sony, the UK Govt (DTI), and Viacom. Decipher has pioneered research into the impact of PVRs and VOD on the TV advertising markets. Decipher are currently working with ITV on defining future formats for television advertising.

The presentation will be followed with breakfast and the opportunity for networking.

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pwoodford provides Internet TV platforms to Brands.

Since going live in Feb 2007 we've been inspiring the industry and getting good recognition, the BBC asked us to present to 160 staff on the Future of IPTV, we've been mentioned in The Sunday Times, on Cnet, PC World, Netimperitive, Web User... this months Web Designer has as the main feature! are about to launch a Client solutions division called brandstation.